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Ongoing Professional Development (OPD)

Continuing education is important no matter what field you are in. Because NLP is still relatively new, and the field of personal development and psychology are continually being researched and better understood. The NLPAA requires 16 hours of OPD per year for Professional Members and 40 hours for Trainer Members. This ongoing commitment to your own learning will add to the overall benefit of the organisation.

OPD can be made up of most workshops or short courses that are in the general area of NLP, Hypnotherapy or Coaching and are aimed at helping you to better assist your clients. All NLPAA Member Events and Learning Opportunities (including webinars) and most workshops presented by NLPAA Registered Trainers will be eligible for OPD hours. As a general rule, if what you are learning will assist you with your clients then it will most likely count for OPD; if however it is for you personally or to improve your business, then it most likely will not. Please let us know if you have any questions or if you an unsure if a course you are considering is valid for OPD.

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Ongoing Professional Development (OPD) hours can be made up of a number of courses and workshops aimed at developing your skills as a clinician. Even if you are not required to complete OPD you may be interested in attending workshops from the following providers:

Psychotherapy Australia -

The Australian Counseling Association -

The Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapy -

Relationships Australia -


NLP Association of Australia Inc.

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